Conference Round Up: APTA Section on Research: The Biopsychosocial Model: Putting it all together

I just returned from the APTA Section on Research meeting. This was a fascinating meeting where I got to meet a number of different pain researchers.

I also presented my first poster, a project that I am working on with my dad to build a thermal pain stimulator that interfaces with the Unreal Engine. I got some great feedback from other researchers so I look forward to developing this project further.

UPDATE: After building an initial prototype of the pain stimulator I decided to scale back my ambitions. This was mostly due to the scope of the project and the fact that I was lacking the expertise or the certainty that I could get such a device through my institutions IRB. I wish I could have taken it further because it was a great way to collaborate with my father. However, for now I think it will be helpful for me to focus on projects of a more tractable scale.